38-50m³ Tera-Vitesse CFS Forage Wagon


Tera-Vitesse CFS - Pure power

Strautmann offers the multi-purpose forage wagon Tera-Vitesse CFS, for those users who demand maximum performance combined with maximum loading capacity. This forage wagon also excels with its continuous flow system which provides the wagon with a low power requirement and a high throughput rate.

The unique Strautmann conveying assembly, consisting of pick-up, CFS drum, rotor and cutting unit, achieves best results under all conditions.

  • Loading capacity according to DIN of 38 – 50 m³
  • CFS accelerator drum
  • Double benefit
  • Spiral rotor with tine plates
  • 50-knife cutting unit
  • Power required from 140/190 kW/HP
  • 2.12m cam-less pick-up


Continous-Flow System (CFS)


Continous-Flow System (CFS)

Due to the interaction of the different components, the CFS unit ensures excellent loading performance and a low power requirement. The pick-up, CFS roller, rotor and double-cut cutting unit are optimally matched to each other. This results in an excellent cutting quality and power efficient drive, saving time and money.


Low power requirement

The newly developed pick-up and the "CFS drum" spreads out and disperses the swathe and feeds it over the entire width of the rotor and the cutting unit. The rotor, which is mounted 100mm higher, conveys the pre-wilted green fodder through the shortened conveyor duct into the cargo space, thus saving energy and reducing the power requirement by approx. 10%.


Full width filling

Thanks to the CFS roller spreading the forage over the whole rotor width, the material is loaded into the cargo space over its entire loading space. We measured 10% more weight per cubic meter. The CFS gives more weight than the competitors at the same capacity, making the tonnage capacity more important than the cargo space volume.


High Performance

A better filling spread also affects acreage performance. The areas to be harvested can be cleared quicker and the fodder is moved faster to the clamp. After all, time is money.


Optimum Adaptation to ground contours

Due to the design of the CFS drum, the pick-up is at a very shallow angle, such that the pressure exerted on the feed rollers is very low, which enables the pick-up to better adapt to the contours of the ground.

Furthermore, the green fodder is continuously and gently picked up due to the V-shaped helical arrangement of the pick-up tines. 

Tines are always picking up, but the V-shape means not all tines are touching the ground at the same time, preventing power peaks.


Protection of drives

Due to the homogeneous and continuous flow of material, the CFS conveying unit runs very smoothly and consistently, meaning there are hardly any peak loads. And if there are no peak loads, the complete drive unit will be free from excessive forces ensuring a long service life of the conveying unit and therefore of the entire forage wagon.


Longer service life of knives

As the "CFS" system spreads the grass evenly across the chopping rotor there is an even load on each of the knives. This means that knives wear more consistently and the sharpening interval is extended. On machines without a CFS system the central knives become blunt and reduce machine performance, this does not happen with a Strautmann "CFS" pickup. In addition, the knives are designed so that you are able to sharpen or replace only the blades that you need to, rather than all of the knives.

CFS Spreading-out effect
Conveying Unit CFS Conveying Unit

Conventional conveying unit:

The picked-up green fodder is delivered to the rotor without spreading-out effect. The rotor and the cutting unit are partially loaded.

CFS conveying unit:

The picked-up green fodder is dispersed by the pick-up and the accelerator drum and fed to the rotor and cutting unit over the entire width.

CFS Feed rotor

● Robust conveyor drum with helically arranged conveyor fins with Hardox tine plates ● Smooth operation, with no peak loads due to the helical rotor design ● One-sided, torsion-free drive of loading rotor due to low-maintenance gearbox ● Wide strippers with 17mm Hardox plates.

CFS Cam-less pick-up

  • Picking-up width of 2.12 m.
  • 6 helically arranged tine rows for reduced contamination of fodder.
  • Cam-less pick-up with very few wearing parts and low maintenance, compared to traditional Cam pick-up systems.
  • Plastic strippers for minimum tine wear.
CFS Drum

● Distributor drum between the pick-up and rotor. ● Delivers fodder from pick-up to the rotor ensuring low hp requirement ● Even, full-width spread of material due to the helical welded layer, so the entire rotor width is utilised, keeping a minimal and constant load on the machine. 

CFS Drum

50-knife cutting unit

● Easy cutting cut due to optimum geometry between the cutting knives and rotor ● Knife protection without use of tools ● Turn-able knives due to double-sided blade for longer sharpening intervals and better cutting quality ● Individual knife protection with knife quick-change system ● 50 knives, on one level for a theoretical cutting length of 35 mm ● In case of shortened knives, readjustment of the entire knife bar via upper link ● Hydraulic extending and retracting of the entire knife bar.


Transport floor

  • Transport floor chains made of solid square tubes welded to low-wear plate-link chains.
  • These chains do not stretch as much as round steel chains and require less maintenance.
  • Plastic floor for excellent gliding properties and long service life.
  • Automatic chain tensioner for minimum maintenance. - Separate chain tensioners
Feed gearing

  • Centralised gearing with dual hydraulic motors
  • Standard 2 speed circuit for fast discharge

The body has been designed for maximum interior width to increase transport capacity. The continuous side panels with the reinforced side posts give the vehicle stability. A large 6-foot access door with a folding ladder always ensures safe entry into the vehicle.

Cargo space cover

Safe transport of the loaded material can be guaranteed with the optional cargo space cover. This solution is hydraulically operated via a swivel drive and can be easily operated from the tractor seat.

Tandem chassis

  • Standard boogie tandem chassis for the TV CFS 4201 model
  • Roll-over effect for easy towing and safe driving characteristics

  • Optional hydraulic tandem chassis for TV CFS 4201 model; standard on the TV CFS 4601 model
  • Optimum driving comfort due to distribution of load on all wheels
  • Stable driving characteristics even when traversing hills
Tridem chassis

  • Hydro-pneumatic suspension
  • Electronic-hydraulic forced steering axle system for the first and third axle
  • Integrated lift axle
  • Optional for the TV CFS 4601 model with a gross vehicle weight rating of 31 t
  • Standard for the TV CFS 5201 model with a gross vehicle weight rating of 34 t
ISOBUS control

The ISOBUS control offers the driver easy operation without having to familiarise themselves with a new control box. Of course, the ISO suitability also creates the option of operation via existing terminals on the premises or on the tractor. Thus, interesting advantages of the valuable control terminals can be transferred to the machine use.

Hydraulic folding drawbar

For travelling over silage clamps, all models are equipped with a hydraulic folding drawbar with two double-acting cylinders. A hydraulic drawbar suspension ensures an even smoother ride during road travel.

Slip clutch

Integrated slip clutch avoids damage to the cam-less pick-up and the rotor tines.

Dual purpose

In order to increase the periods of use of the forage wagons, the Strautmann forage wagon offers the option to be used as fully-fledged forage transport wagon. For this purpose, basic standard equipment is provided for these vehicles, such as:

  • A solid tailgate with mechanical locking mechanism
  • Open cargo space without body brackets or ropes
  • Hydraulically folding front panel
  • Plastic floor with excellent gliding properties
Unloading options


Solid tailgate (standard)

  • With hydraulic locking mechanism
  • Full width for quick discharge
  • With integrated pressure switch for level indicator


Effective dosing drums (optional)

  • Dosing unit with 3 standard beaters
  • Equipped with aggressive ripping tines


Robust drive

  • Driven by large-sized roller chains
  • Safety switch-off at the bottom beater
  • When the wagon is full, the bottom beater is able to move to the rear, thus stopping the transport floor moving.

Technical Specification

Technical specification

Short Cut Forage / Dosage Wagon Tera-Vitesse CFS




Technical data




TV CFS 4201

TV CFS 4601

TV CFS 5201










width / outer wheel width


2,55 / 2,81

2,55 / 2,81

2,55 / 2,81








Loading vol. acc. to DIN 11741





with dosing unit





Loading volume (medium compressed)





with dosing unit





Tare weight at basic specification






with dosing unit






Perm. max. weight

- with low drawbar (up to 40 km/h)






- with hydraulic chassis






- with tridem chassis






Power requirement


140 / 190

155 / 210

176 / 240


Dimensions with tyres

710/50 R 26,5

710/50 R 26,5

710/50 R 26,5




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