Forage Wagon Parts

Genuine Strautmann Forage Wagon Parts


Strautmann knives stay sharper for longer for optimum cutting quality

  • Excellent cut for consistent forage quality.
  • Fully hardened for maximum service life.
  • Double sided blades for double the service life.
  • Extends interval time between sharpening or replacement.


Pick-up Tines

Engineered for a long service life


Stripper bands

Unique to Strautmann Forage Wagons

  • Allows pick-up tines to pick-up grass evenly and smoothly
  • Minimises tine wear due to optimum gliding properties between tines and stripper bands.
  • Pick-up runs smoothly - no metal on metal
  • Flexible in case of contact with a foreign object.
  • Unique and patented.


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