Mixer Wagon Parts

Genuine Strautmann Mixer Wagon Parts


Maximum service life for mixing augers

  • Reinforces the outside edge of the auger for increased longevity.
  • Retro fit kits available
  • ORIGINAL Strautmann wearing parts are made specifically to fit Verti-Mix auger.



IMS mixing auger, stepped flight design
Quick, homogeneous mixing due to stepped flight auger design.

Adjustable options for your specific needs

  • Different knives and knife positions ensure optimum mixing of each ration.
  • Adjustable scraper bars for perfect long-term mixing results. (standard)
  • Magnetic system for collecting stray metal objects e.g. nuts and bolts (see magnetic system)
  • INNODUR wearing parts (see Innodur)

Strautmann ORIGINAL PARTS help to perfectly adapt your
Strautmann fodder mixing wagon to your requirements


Original Strautmann knives stay sharper for longer for perfect mixing

  • Lower running costs - less frequent replacement
  • Can be mounted at a variable angle at the mixing auger.
  • For a consistent and homogeneous mix and chop length.


Magnetic System

Consistently reliable separation of metal

  • For optimum results one magnet should be mounted along the rear edge of the auger flight, the other on the sweeping arm of the auger for optimum contact.
  • Minimises losses caused by metal in the feed thereby saving time and money
  • Can be retro-fitted to all Verti-Mix machines


Protective Cover

To prevent build up of feed between gearbox and auger 

  • Prevents the finer elements of the ration mix from build up, especially recommended for compact TMR.
  • Prevents bacteria from building up due to rotting fodder residues.
  • Ensure consistently safe fodder.
  • Can be retro-fitted to most machines


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