Flex-Load available on all Strautmann Forage Wagons for 2023

Following the success of the Flex-Load pick-up testing in the field, Flex-Load has been rolled out across the Strautmann range and is available as an option on all Forage Wagons.  It is fitted as standard on all Magnon machines.

Strautmann has ensured that the Flex-Load pick-up design will minimise tine wear and breakage and therefore downtime,  due to easy tine replacement without having to remove the pick-up bands.  Additionally, all Straumann Forage Wagons are designed with camless pick-ups which allows flex over the working width and reduces wear and downtime and saves on fuel.

David Mein, OPICO’s product specialist for the Strautmann range said “I’ve been really impressed with the Flex-Load pick-up – it does a really efficient job, and the flexibility of the tines means that foreign objects aren’t collected with the grass – since using Flex-Load I haven’t seen a tine break yet.  On the Magnon 10 the Flex-load pick up is hydraulically driven and is therefore adaptable to forward speed, optimising the performance of the grass collection.”

Flex-Load tines are made from a flexible durable polyurethane plastic meaning they adapt to ground undulations, rather than penetrating the ground.  This significantly reduces the likelihood of soil and stone contamination into the cutting unit.  The gentle Flex-Load is also ideal for all crop conditions.

Flex-Load will be on display on the OPICO stand in Hall 6 at LAMMA Show in January.