New driver's cabin for self-propelled models

New driver's cabin

As of now, the Strautmann company from Bad Laer (Germany) equips the self-propelled fodder mixing wagons with a completely redesigned driver's cabin. The existing series will be immediately fitted with the new driver's cabins. The first machines equipped with a redesigned cabin will be delivered to the future owners in January 2022.

For the development of the new cabin, the requirements and experience of daily users have been implemented in an intelligent redesign. Driving comfort for the operator had top priority in the design phase, while maintaining the intuitive operation of all machine functions. Everything is in its logical and coordinated place. The compactness of the new cabin has, of course, been taken into account to minimise the machine width.



Apart from an extension in width by 50 mm of the basic cabin and an increase in length by 30 mm, the entire central electrics were removed from the right-hand cabin side. They are now positioned in a clearly arranged switch cabinet directly behind the cabin. This change gives the driver a total of almost 300 mm more space in terms of width.


As far as driving comfort is concerned, operation via a control set firmly integrated in the side console is also discontinued. As of now, this is installed in an illuminated, synchronously moving armrest, which can, of course, be variably adjusted to the operator's individual requirements.


In addition, the continuous window in the cabin ceiling was extended to the top, such that optimum view onto the milling head is ensured even at great picking-up heights.

These changes significantly improve the sense of space and the overview of the entire machine from the driver seat, ensuring comfortable working under all conditions.