New features strengthen forage wagon for additional role as maize trailer

New features which add strength and functionality to the Strautmann Super Vitesse forage wagons also make them suitable for use as trailers for maize harvests.The modifications allow heavier, fuller loads to be transported and unloaded.

Three key changes have been made. Firstly, to prevent forage material in fully-loaded machines from overflowing, the height of the side panels has been extended. The top front panel has also been extended with metal fingers.

Secondly, the side panels have been strengStrautmann Super-Vitesse Rangethened to remove the need for roof ropes;this allows filling from above by self-propelled forage harvesters.

Thirdly, to ensure heavy loads can be discharged, higher capacity discharge floor motors have been fitted as standard. There is also an option to upgrade to a double motor on the discharge floor.

The higher sides and metal-fingered front panel enable heavier fuller loads to be carried without spillage.

There are two models in the Super-Vitesse range, each has a 39-knife cutting rotor on a CFS (Continuous Flow System) unit, and requires a 120hp tractor. The 3102 has a capacity of 29m3 and costs £64,157 +VAT, while the 3502 has a 33m3 capacity and costs £66,443 +VAT.