New low cost ‘no frills’ small mixer wagon from Strautmann

1201 Verti MixIn response to farmer demand for a low cost ‘no frills’ small mixer wagon, OPICO launched the Strautmann Verti-Mix 1201 into the UK at Agriscot. This has a mixing capacity of 12m3 and requires only around 60 hp to run. It retails from £22,911+VAT.

The Verti-Mix 1201 has the same exacting quality of build and engineering as the rest of the Strautmann range, including the Vario2 stepped auger which reduces mixing time. The standard specification of the 1201 includes the Digistar EZ2500 simple weighing system, an enclosed hay ring, a wide-angle PTO, direct hydraulic control and a single door discharge. A twin door discharge and various sizes of discharge elevators are available as optional extras.

For more information, farmers can visit or contact their local Strautmann dealer or by contacting OPICO on 01778 421111.