Overview of Strautmann Muck Spreaders

Strautmann PS 2401 Muck SpreaderThe top spreaders in the Strautmann range distributed by OPICO are the 2201 and 2401 PS Universal models. Load capacities are 20 and 32 cu m, and the 2201 has tandem axles, with triple axles on the 3401. Like all Universal series spreaders, PS models have a welded steel body with two horizontal beaters providing up to 8m spreading width. The spread width increases to 24m with the addition of spinning discs, and the application accuracy makes the PS models suitable for spreading lime. An optional weighing system is available on the 3401 spreaders.

Similar spreading systems with smaller load capacities are available in the VS Universal series which range from 15.5 to 21 cu m with models suitable for tractors between 90 and 190hp. Design features include automatic tensioning of the floor chains, a boundary spreading restricter is available and the Field Operator 300 ISOBUS terminal includes a GPS link.

First appeared in the Farm Contractor & Large Scale Farmer July 2018. 

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