Strautmann Giga Vitesse 3602 - No Compromises

After a season in the field, Farm Contractor caught up with the first Strautmann Giga Vitesse 02 in the UK, working with Dorset Contractor James Vickery.

Running a forage wagon may provide a lower cost alternative to a self-propelled machine but it may also compromise the consistency of the chop.  This can lead to longer material in the clamp, affecting fermentation and the palatability of the silage.

Not prepared to accept this, when James Vickery set out to replace his machine last year, providing quality fodder was his priority.

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Article first appeared in Farm Contractor February 2019

James Vickery - knife bank "You can drop the knives out of work hydraulically and get under the body to remove them.  There is plenty of clearance there too, the knives are double sided, which is great because you can reverse them, but I've found that they do not need sharpening that often and this must be down to the protection system." James Vickery