Service Tutorials

Strautmann Service Tutorials

2020 Service Tutorials

Forage Wagon Tutorials

Below is a series of service tutorials to support you in taking care of your Strautmann forage wagon.

Please read the detailed operating instructions carefully, and always observe the safety instructions.


 Pick-Up Operating Height 


Setting up the Chassis 


Maintaining the Knife Bar 





Set Additional Guide Wheels 


Set Distance Between Knife and Rotor 


Calibrate Automatic Charging System





Changing Knives - Exact Cut

Setting the Distance Between Knife

and Rotor - Exact Cut

Setting the Automatic Folding

Drawbar System



Calibrating the Folding Drawbar Sensor


 Setting up the Automatic Charging System


 Setting up the Forced Steering Axle System




Changing Knives


 Setting up the Folding Drawbar


 Calibrating the Transport Floors


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