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Genuine Strautmann Parts



 Order genuine Strautmann parts from your local Strautmann dealer



OPICO is committed to looking after your Strautmann machine throughout its working life and can supply genuine wearing and non-wearing replacement parts from Strautmann. 

  • Strautmann parts are optimally tailored to your machine

  • Strautmann have years of experience in producing durable quality parts

  • Strautmann conduct extensive wear tests to continuously improve their products

  • A machine fitted with Strautmann genuine parts does not affect the machines warranty

When farm machinery breaks, our parts and technical team will try whatever it takes to keep you going. Our Service and Parts are available by calling 01778 391 682 for Service and 01778 391 679 for Parts. However, when out of hours, you will be re-directed to the on-call mobile, please leave a message if your call can't be answered.

Mixer Wagon Parts


Maximum service life for mixing augers

  • Reinforces the outside edge of the auger for increased longevity.
  • Retro fit kits available
  • ORIGINAL Strautmann wearing parts are made specifically to fit Verti-Mix auger.



IMS mixing auger, stepped flight design
Quick, homogeneous mixing due to stepped flight auger design.

Adjustable options for your specific needs

  • Different knives and knife positions ensure optimum mixing of each ration.
  • Adjustable scraper bars for perfect long-term mixing results. (standard)
  • Magnetic system for collecting stray metal objects e.g. nuts and bolts (see magnetic system)
  • INNODUR wearing parts (see Innodur)

Strautmann ORIGINAL PARTS help to perfectly adapt your
Strautmann fodder mixing wagon to your requirements


Original Strautmann knives stay sharper for longer for perfect mixing

  • Lower running costs - less frequent replacement
  • Can be mounted at a variable angle at the mixing auger.
  • For a consistent and homogeneous mix and chop length.


Magnetic System

Consistently reliable separation of metal

  • For optimum results one magnet should be mounted along the rear edge of the auger flight, the other on the sweeping arm of the auger for optimum contact.
  • Minimises losses caused by metal in the feed thereby saving time and money
  • Can be retro-fitted to all Verti-Mix machines


Protective Cover

To prevent build up of feed between gearbox and auger 

  • Prevents the finer elements of the ration mix from build up, especially recommended for compact TMR.
  • Prevents bacteria from building up due to rotting fodder residues.
  • Ensure consistently safe fodder.
  • Can be retro-fitted to most machines


Forage Wagon Parts


Strautmann knives stay sharper for longer for optimum cutting quality

  • Excellent cut for consistent forage quality.
  • Fully hardened for maximum service life.
  • Double sided blades for double the service life.
  • Extends interval time between sharpening or replacement.


Pick-up Tines

Engineered for a long service life


Stripper bands

Unique to Strautmann Forage Wagons

  • Allows pick-up tines to pick-up grass evenly and smoothly
  • Minimises tine wear due to optimum gliding properties between tines and stripper bands.
  • Pick-up runs smoothly - no metal on metal
  • Flexible in case of contact with a foreign object.
  • Unique and patented.



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