Verti-Mix Single, Double and Triple Auger


Verti-Mix - The "New Generation"

You want your business to grow - the Verti-Mix adapts to your growing needs.

Why use a Verti-Mix........  

1, Excellent mixing quality - because only cows getting optimum nutrition are healthier and deliver higher milk yields.  

2, Low power requirement - reducing your diesel consumption.

3, Flexibility - the Verti-Mix can adapt to your farm requirements.

4, Reliability - cows need feeding 365 days a year!

5, Vario2 auger - speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.

photo showing 3 different size options for the Strautmann Verti-mix diet feeder wagon


graphic of the vario 2 augerThe patented container design at the top container edge provides the Strautmann mixing container with additional rigidity. It serves as a basis for variable container attachments helping you to adapt the capacity of the mixing container to your operational requirements. Be among those who benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in mixing technology and become one of Strautmann's 20,000 customers!

All Strautmann range of mixer wagons will allow farmers to save time and cut costs. A uniquely designed ‘stepped’ auger – the Vario2 – speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.

Why mix feed?

International scientific studies have revealed that the efficiency in milk production can be increased many times over by the use of feed mixing wagons. Due to the mixing of individual components to a TMR (partial or total mixed ration), the animals can no longer select and thus take up the same feed makeup with every bite, which ensures optimum physiological care of the entire herd, regardless of the position of the individual animal in ranking.

photograph of a Strautmann Verti-mix feeding cows

Configure your machine.

All Verti-Mix mixer wagons can be fully configured to meet individual farm requirement.

First choose the capacity..... This should be chosen depending on the feed ration and number of cows per m3 when feeding once a day. Extensions ensure you can choose exactly the correct capacity for your feeding requirements.

Second choose your discharge...... A huge range of discharge options, ranging from side discharge, conveyor and rear discharge allowing the feed or bedding to be place exactly where required.

Third choose your controls...... The choice of preferred operating controls depends very much on the user.

Fourth choose your weighing device...... The weighing device is an integral component of the mixing wagon. Only an exact quantity of the individual ingredients ensures full use of the mixing wagon's cost effectiveness. 


Robust bearings and gearbox

The heart of the Vario mixing auger is the very heavy duty and durable gearbox. Stability and long maintenance intervals are achieved by means of a large-sized pair of tapered roller bearings, double sealing and a large grease chamber.


New Vario2 mixing auger

Variability and strength for any purpose. Due to the patented knife adjustment system and the updated Vario2 auger design, the Vario mixing auger can be perfectly adapted to your specific conditions of use. The robust and low-maintenance angular gearbox ensures long service life even under challenging conditions.

All Strautmann mixer wagons – single and double augered - will now come fitted with a Vario2 auger as standard. Its stepped design enables a good mix to be achieved more quickly. This reduces mixing time of each load by a minute or so per load, but due to the number of mixes made each day, the labour and fuel savings will significantly add up over time.

Vario mixing auger - INNODUR stainless steel wear strips

Longer term, machinery repair and replacement costs can be reduced by requesting the INNODUR stainless steel wear strip to be fitted to the leading edge of the auger. This is a replaceable part, further extending machine lifetime.

3d image of the vario 2 auger

Magnetic system

Highly effective magnetic separation of metallic foreign objects. The Strautmann magnetic system (optional extra) directly mounted at the mixing auger offers optimum health protection for your high-yield cows. The system is mounted such that it is in direct and close contact with the mixed fodder, thus working very effectively.

photo of the strautmann mixer wagon magnets option

Counter cutters

Manual counter cutters

Two manually adjustable counter-cutters enable the processing of larger quantities of long-fibre fodder such as round and square bales.

photo of the manual counter cutter on the mixer wagon

Hydraulic counter cutter

The optional two hydraulic counter-cutters can be directly adjusted from the driver seat.

image of the hydraulic counter cutter on the mixer wagon

Feed funnel

A mineral feed funnel can be mounted at the mixing container on request. This makes it easier to fill in smaller quantities of fodder such as e.g. mineral feed or lime.

image of the feed funnel on the mixer wagon

Root crop knife

An optional row of cutting knives are available to assist with chopping root crops such as potato and beet. 

photo of the root cutting knives as an option for the mixer wagon

Bale cutting knife

Special knife options help you to adapt your Vario mixing auger to your requirements.

Vario auger bale cutting knife

Hydraulic motors

Depending on the application, you can select from a range of different hydraulic motors to give you different speeds.

photo of the hydraulic motors on the mixer wagon

Rear-view camera, monitor and headlights

Available with optional lights and optional rear view camera with monitor.

photo of the rear view camera on the mixer wagon


photo of the rear view camera monitor in the tractor cab attached to a mixer wagon


Verti-Mix 1401

Verti-Mix 1401

Strautmann Feed Mixer

The 1401 Special is a 12m³ “no frills“ mixer, specified for the UK market. The mixer benefits from the same features as the rest of
the Strautmann range. 

The 1401 Special is available with the option of 2 different tub extension sizes, giving the opportunity to increase the capacity up
to 14m3. Available with one or two doors, the 1401 special can also be equipped with a direct hydraulic connection to tractor controlled discharge conveyor, enabling discharge over certain barriers.

● Usable mixing capacity of 12m³ ● Front right-hand door ● Enclosed hay ring ● Single axle with hydraulic brake ●  Standard PTO, Digistar EZ500 adding weighing ●  Direct hydraulic connection to the tractor



Verti-Mix 951 / 1251 / 1451 / 1651

Verti-Mix - The "New Generation"

photo of the verti mix 1651 mixer wagon

● Usable mixing capacity of 7.5 - 16.5 m³ ● Expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments. ● Highest stability of the container due to patented embossing. ● All components have been designed for maximum mixing capacity.

Verti-Mix 1501 / 1801 - 2401 / 3101 Double

Verti-Mix Double - Twice as good

The fodder mixing wagons of the Verti-Mix Double series particularly excel by their high mixing capacity, while maintaining compact dimensions. Based upon the single auger vertical mixers, which are known for their gentle and quick mixing, the Verti-Mix Double is equipped with 2 vertical Vario mixing augers. Apart from the quick preparation of larger fodder mixtures, the Verti-Mix Double models can particularly demonstrate their strengths in the powerful undoing of round and square bales.

photo of the veri mix double feeder wagon

● Usable mixing capacity of 12.0 - 30.5 m³. ● Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments. ● All components have been designed for maximum capacity. ● 50 - 180 cows per container filling. ● Power required from 50 - 135 HP (37 - 100 kW).

Verti-Mix 1300 / 1500 / 1800/ 2100 Double K

Verti-Mix Double K - The easy-towing all-rounder

Preservation of the fodder structure, quick mixing, low wear, low maintenance costs, low power required and a slim design - these are the characteristics of today's classical 2-auger vertical mixers. Their disadvantage, however, is the fact that they cannot be equipped with large tyre sizes (22.5") without considerable influence on the machine height. And this is exactly where Strautmann comes in, with the design of the Verti-Mix Double K. This is the first fodder mixing wagon which, due to its special container design, combines the advantages of the classical vertical mixing wagons with those of the horizontal mixing wagons (slim design, large tyres beside the mixing container) in one machine.

photo of the verti mix double diet feeder

● Usable mixing capacity of 13 - 21 m³. ● Unique container shape for low design. ● 50 - 150 cows per container filling. ● Power required from 55 - 74 HP (41 - 54 kW).

Verti-Mix 3451 / 4501 Triple

Verti-Mix Triple - 3 Vario² - augers for better mixing

The three-auger mixers with three vertical mixing augers are also equipped with the proven and patented extension concept with container embossing for maximum stability and flexibility. These adaptable large-scale fodder mixing wagons are perfectly suitable for large and still growing dairy farms

photo of the verti mix triple diet feeder wagon

 ● Usable mixing capacity of 28,5 m³ - 45,0 m³ ● Capacity expandable by 180 mm or 360 mm attachments ● All components have been designed for maximum capacity ● 140 - 320 cows per container filling

Discharge options

Side discharge

In the case of side discharge, the asymmetrical position of the discharge openings ensures optimum fodder discharge which results in a loose, homogeneous swathe. The fodder is discharged at the optimum position at the fodder mixing wagon, relative to the flow of material in the container. No travelling over the fodder.

Strautman Vert-Mix feeder wagon side discharge door

Front crossover conveyor

Variable conveyor speeds achieved by means of different motors or direct adjustability enable the fodder discharge width to be adapted as far as right up to directly in front of the feed fence. A unique lattice bar roller as return roller for the crossover conveyor prevents the fodder from piling up between the roller and the conveyor.

photo of the front crossover conveyor option for the diet feeder

Fast bedding roller

The cleaner and more germ-free the cubicle, the healthier the animals. The ideal litter materials are straw, peat, sawdust and lime. After the mixing process in the container has been finished, the litter is spread up to the head region of the cubicles via the drum – comfortably and reliably for maximum animal comfort and udder health. Only in combination with electrical operation.

photo of the fast bedding roller on the feeder wagon

Rear discharge

Discharge in narrow dead-end feeding passages. For comfortable feeding even in narrow dead-end feeding passages, side doors behind the wheels are being used. The fodder is loosely discharged on one or both sides behind the wheels.

Strautmann dairy feed mixer wagon rear discharge doors

Rear centre discharge

For preparation of premixes or central fodder discharge on the feeding table, Strautmann offers a rear centre discharge.

Strautmann feed mixer wagon rear centre discharge

Rear crossover conveyor

Variable conveyor speeds achieved by means of different motors or direct adjustability enable the fodder discharge width to be adapted as far as right up to directly in front of the feed fence. A unique lattice bar roller as return roller for the crossover conveyor prevents the fodder from piling up between the roller and the conveyor.

Strautmann vertical mixing tub rear crossover conveyor


Conveyor extension, side discharge

If the machine is equipped with a side discharge door, an additional conveyor can be mounted in front of the discharge door to fill higher troughs.

photo of the additional conveyor option for the diet feeder

Conveyor extension, crossover conveyor

For higher troughs, a 1m long conveyor extension adjustable in height can be mounted at the side of the crossover conveyor.

image of the conveyor extension for the crossover conveyor on the feeder wagon

Side chutes

Fodder-protecting discharge via adjustable side chutes. At the side discharge devices, adjustable chutes support the fodder discharge. The wheels do not roll over the discharged fodder. The side chutes can be equipped with an optional hydraulic actuating mechanism.

photo showing the fodder chute option on the diet feeder

Straw blower

Additional benefit for your Verti-Mix by use as spreading equipment. A high-yield cow requires 2 kg of litter every day - more than 6 t a month for 100 cows. Thanks to this optional extra equipment your Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagon can also be used for this type of work.

Straw Blower Verti-Mix

Weighing and controls options

Direct hydraulic connection

One double-acting connection for each function on the mixing wagon is required for operation via direct tractor connection. This type of operation is particularly useful if the mixing wagon is very rarely unhitched from the tractor or if the mixing wagon is only equipped with a side discharge (1 double-acting connection is required).

 Close up photo of the direct hydraulic connection on the diet feeders

Operation via Bowden cable

Regardless of the mixing wagon equipment, a double-acting control device is required on the tractor for operation via Bowden cables. This type of operation is particularly useful if older tractors are used in front of the mixing wagon, which are equipped with a small number of control devices. Standard switchgears are also operated via Bowden cables.

a close up photo of operation via Bowden cable on the diet feeder

Electronic operation

Just like for the operation via Bowden cables, a double-acting control device is required on the tractor for electrical operation, regardless of the mixing wagon equipment. Due to its compact dimensions and its light weight, customers who want to use the mixing wagon tractor also for other work on the farm from time to time, prefer this type of operation.

photo showing a close up of the electronic operation option for the feeder wagons

PTM Weighing Systems


  • 50 rations programmable
  • 30 components per ration by name
  • Alarm function during loading and unloading
  • Programming kg/animal or total weight
  • Entry of recipe names and component names
  • Large display of component names
  • Zeroing / calibration

PTM Advance Super USB

  • Programmable weighing device with data transfer. A complete feeding control including time recording is of fundamental importance for cost optimisation on dairy farms.
  • 150 recipes from 30 components
  • Read-out and management by means of included software
  • Optional: Wireless communication with farm PC
PTM Advance Super USB

PTM AV 70 - Radio remote control

  • The PTM AV 70 is a radio remote control to fit:
  • HL 50 and Advance Super USB.
  • 30 m of range
  • Possible installation on the charging vehicle
  • Convenient carrying by hand
PTM AV 70 - Radio remote control
Digi-Star EZ 2500 V

Digi-Star EZ 2500 V. Adding weighing device, partial zero setting, mixing timer installed, 6 digits, each 43mm high, w 254mm x h 118mm xd 127mm


Digi-Star EZ 3610 V

Digi-star EZ 3610 V. programmable weighing device with data transfer via data key, 150 recipes, 99 components, 6 digits each 43mm high, identification of the components as running text, w 262mm x h 183mm x d 127mm


Digi-Star CCT 500 - Wireless Controller

Digi Star CCT 500. Additional display only together with EZ 3610 only (wireless), easy view from inside the cab, simple touch screen display, control indicator display, slim compact design



For weighing device (here with AV50)

For weighing device (here with AV50)



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